Criminal Defense Attorney

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 Everyone is entitled under the U.S. Constitution to skilled legal representation, regardless of the crime they’ve been charged with.

Criminal law is complex and challenging, and the stakes can’t be higher. If you are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Lake Geneva, WI area, contact our office today!

Attorney David A. Danz has more than 30 years of professional legal experience, including 11 years as a county district attorney, and understands the local criminal justice system inside and out. He will prepare a personalized, aggressive defense that protects your rights, making sure you receive a fair outcome.

If you have been charged with a crime or believe you will be charged soon, it is important that you contact legal representation immediately and we can start working on your behalf immediately.

For your reference, we have provided an in-depth glossary of commonly-charged crimes, and processes here in the state.